Van Os-Duracoat features a modern, large capacity powder coating line. The various operations (pretreatment, powder coating and polymerisation) are handled automatically. Smaller jobs are taken care of in a manual spray booth.


Process of powder coating

Our pretreatment meets the strictest standards, and is automatically included in every job. The 7-phase zinc phosphate trication (see diagram) guarantees excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance. This system yields the best results on cold rolled and galvanized material, but can also handle aluminium.

After the drying cycle, the metals are coated by automatic guns. The powder gets an electrostatic charge and is applied by 8 to 10 spray guns. Complex parts are manually pre-sprayed. This way a layer with a thickness of 60 to 120 microns can be built up in a single pass.

Finally, the plastic cures in the polymerisation oven to a smooth, pinhole free layer. In this way we can treat metal components with dimensions up to 3000 x 2100 x 800 mm.


Raw materials for powder coatings

Polyester powders are for outdoor use due to their excellent weather and UV resistance.

Epoxy powders are suitable because of their chemical properties and compatibility with food.

For indoor use, epoxy polyesters are a suitable compromise.

Also thermoplastic powders such as  Abcite®  and  Rilsan®  are among the possibilities.

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