Plastic Coating is a technique in which metals are coated with a relatively thick (minimum 300 microns) pinhole free plastic layer. This plastic layer serves as a buffer between the metal and the harsh environment around it. More and more, this method has developed into one of the most effective systems for long-lasting protection in a corrosive environment (and can easily replace 3 or 4 layers of liquid paint).

Van Os-Duracoat has the staff, over 50 years of experience and the facilities to coat parts ranging from small to very large and from simple to extremely complex. For this we use Abcite, Rilsan and Resicoat.

The two most common processes are:


Plastic Coating

Fluidised Bed

In this method, preheated parts are immersed in a fluidised bed filled with swirling plastic powder, which then fuses to form a smooth, pinhole free layer.

Fluidised bed is the oldest technique of coating.  Application of the layer occurs very quickly.






Plastic Coating

Electrostatic spraying of preheated parts

Electrostatic spraying of preheated parts is not limited by the size of the bath and also offers more colour options than fluidised bed.


Raw Materials

Various materials are suitable for coating, both by fluidised bed and by electrostatic spraying. The most commonly used materials are:

Abcite® (EMAA - Axalta)

    • high impact resistance
    • excellent UV and corrosion resistance
    • contact with potable water allowed (e.g. Belgaqua, KTW Germany and AS/NZS 4020:2005 Australia)
    • C5M certificate for offshore use      
    • good resistance to acids and bases
    • special insulating properties
    • resistant to -100 ° C
    • extremely tough coating through thermally reversible crosslinking
    • can be applied to galvanized material
Plastic Coating

Rilsan® (PA11 - Arkema)

    • hard and scratch resistant surface
    • resistance to various solvents and higher temperatures
    • very resistant to abrasion
    • excellent adhesion provided a primer is used
Plastic Coating

Resicoat® (Fusion Bounded Epoxy - Akzo)

    • thermosetting
    • hard and scratch resistant surface
    • contact with potable water allowed

Technical Specifications

    • thermoplastic coatings, from 200 to 2000μ
    • 7500 x 2400 x 1,900 mm - to 3000 Kg
    • 5 ovens
    • blasting and metal spraying to 15 m

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