We are the distributor of thermoplastic powders for Axalta Polymer Powders. This product range is sold under the brand name Abcite®.

Abcite®  is characterized by high layer thickness (average of 300 to 600 μ), and is known for the following properties:

  • high corrosion resistance, C5M for offshore use (Abcite x1060)
  • UV resistant
  • resistance to acids and bases
  • electrically insulating
  • good covering of edges
  • decorative
  • abrasion and impact resistant
  • potable water contact (for Abcite 1060 and x60)
  • can be used in marine environments, without primer, directly on metal, according to ISO 12944-6
Abcite offshore
Abcite street furniture
Abcite automotive
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